Markethive Reach Program with Rewards Campaign introduces a new integration for members

Markethive Reach Program with
Rewards Campaign introduces a new integration for members

For the past 25 years, Tom Prendergast has been on a selfless mission to help other entrepreneurs build their brand and become successful online. Tom is known as the Godfather of internet marketing creating the very first automated marketing system with lead capture pages in the mid-1990s known as Veretekk. His vision has erected into what is known today as Markethive; a highly advanced and intuitive Inbound Marketing Social/Market Networking System with its own cryptocurrency known as Hivecoin (MHV) which is currently being traded and track through Blockchain. 

I originally joined Veretekk back in the Spring of 2006. The system seemed very overwhelming with tools. I was immediately very impressed with its capabilities and started to learn how to master this system. Being mentored by Tom, I started learning how to market effectively on the internet and became very good at SEO and lead capture pages. I even started training other members weekly with the skills I learned. 

Tom and I have built a strong relationship over the past 10 years. We recently started talking and came up with a  very impressive feature to improve customer reach potential utilizing WordPress. We discussed helping rewarding members with Markethive cryptocurrency through the Infinity Bounty Program, infinity airdrops, faucets. 

Markethive uses a rewards system that pays its member Hivecoin every time a member actively uses their account. This can be a blog post, creating a lead capture page, accepting a friend’s request,  referring new members to Markethive,  or simply just signing in for the day.  this is what we call rewarding people through cryptocurrency faucet payouts.  You get paid cryptocurrency to use this system.

For more information on the Infinity Bounty Program, read this article HERE!

The goal of the Markethive Reach Program is for each member to succeed in getting their content out in front of a massive audience through social media accounts. This can be a very time-consuming process for the average person to handle on their own. People who have a very large amount of social media accounts with various profiles, groups, and pages will benefit greatly from what we have to offer. We use a plugin for WordPress to help expedite social media posting.  

The problem that most people face is how to configure this Social Media Auto Poster (SNAP) into their WordPress account correctly.  This is where we come in to help and assist making sure this SNAP plugin is properly configured. After we have installed this SNAP plugin to your WordPress blog, we can check this install on a monthly basis to make sure that everything is still working correctly. I use this auto poster myself for several different blogs and I use it for customers as well. You could be reaching 1 million + people per month per post with this auto poster. imagine what they could do for your business driving that much traffic to your website we have tested this with and have seen a great increase in Alexa ranking over the course of one month.

The SNAP plugin can be a great asset for everybody to start using as it limits the amount of time spent trying to post two social media accounts on different pages, profiles, and groups. Instead, you use Markethive as your centralized point of integration to write your blog post. The blog posts will be distributed out to your WordPress blog which would then submit the posting to all of your social media accounts, pages, profiles and groups that have been configured into your WordPress website using the SNAP plugin. The point of all this is to help take the headache out of trying to configure this Auto poster to do what you wanted to do. Most people tend to struggle with getting this application configured as a lot of the social media sites require API keys It can be a headache to find and install. 

 For a small fee, this can be installed for you on your WordPress blog so you will not have to worry about it. The only thing needed from you would be your social media account login information and MH WordPress plugin source code to install to your WordPress site. We recommend you use the following social media accounts for this SNAP plugin:

Here is what is needed from you to ensure timeliness of installation and configuration of SNAP. 

  1. Source code for WP Plugin found in your Markethive account. You must download the correct WP blog plugin and send me the file. Then I will import the file to your WordPress blog.

  1. Your WordPress site login information.  

NOTE: WordPress be on your own domain and not at


2.  Social media login information. Here is a list of all the social networking sites SNAP will publish out to. You can choose however many social sites on this list you would like to configure to within SNAP. Either way, the price for installation is the same. The recommended sites above are the most effective.  Remember Google+ got shut down.

The initial installation will cost you $100 and you may also decide (optional) to have your SNAP and MH WP plugins maintained monthly for an additional $20 per month. This maintenance is important due to random logouts, account verification requests, etc. It is common that the SNAP plugin will stop working from time to time and will need to be reconfigured. The pricing is comparable to anywhere else online. I am from the USA and speak English. 

 I have been with Markethive since the beginning and working under Tom’s authority. The installation process will be fast and effective as I have installed and configured SNAP several times. You will be billed by my company Elite Processing, LLC until Markethive builds the facility to take the billing over.

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Regards, Steven Cavan Telegram: @stevencavan

Steven Cavan