Do Not Use Third Party Multi-Site Subscriptions To Run a WordPress Blog


Let’s take a minute to talk about WordPress and how to get the most out of it. First, do not EVER use a WordPress blogging account at Instead, Buy a domain name –  make it unique and 3-4 syllables. Stay away from MLM branding. Brand yourself or your service that benefits your audience. A domain name should be short and easy to remember. 


After you purchase your domain name, you will need a professional hosting account. Do NOT run WordPress on a third party multisite platforms where you pay a monthly subscription. Not only does this limited themes and plugins, but it’s not necessary to get your information in front of an audience. Pay for a domain name and install WordPress onto that domain. This puts the owner in full control without having a middleman tell you what you can and cannot do with your website. 

Keep in mind these multisite services do not include SSI or cURL which is required if you want to use the Social Media Auto-Poster (SNAP).  Make sure to get a secure SSL certificate on the domain you are hosting. 

WordPress is a Blogging platform anyone can use to quickly launch a website. However, it is not a magic unicorn for any type of affiliate marketing, MLM opportunity or any other business out there. If original content is not being published to it, no one will see it. Why?

 Search Engines hate duplicate content and will penalize your site for posting other people’s articles. Be original, be transparent, be yourself. This is how you grow! The Template should be light and clean to start. Build it out as you go. 

If you have a wordpress site on your own domain through your own hosting account, it is highly recommended to get the SNAP plugin installed and start publishing your content out to all social media accounts. The Markethive SNAP Department can help you get this done! 

For a small fee, this can be installed for you on your WordPress blog so you will not have to worry about it. The only thing needed from you would be your social media account login information and MH WordPress plugin source code to install to your WordPress site. We recommend you use the following social media accounts for this SNAP plugin:

Here is what is needed from you to ensure timeliness of installation and configuration of SNAP. 

  1. Source code for WP Plugin found in your Markethive account. You must download the correct WP blog plugin and send me the file. Then I will import the file to your WordPress blog.

  1. Your WordPress site login information.  

NOTE: WordPress be on your own domain and not at


2.  Social media login information. Here is a list of all the social networking sites SNAP will publish out to. You can choose however many social sites on this list you would like to configure to within SNAP. Either way, the price for installation is the same. The recommended sites above are the most effective.  Remember Google+ got shut down.

The initial installation will cost you $100 and you may also decide (optional) to have your SNAP and MH WP plugins maintained monthly for an additional $20 per month. This maintenance is important due to random logouts, account verification requests, etc. It is common that the SNAP plugin will stop working from time to time and will need to be reconfigured. The pricing is comparable to anywhere else online. I am from the USA and speak English. 

 I have been with Markethive since the beginning and working under Tom’s authority. The installation process will be fast and effective as I have installed and configured SNAP several times. You will be billed by my company Elite Processing, LLC until Markethive builds the facility to take the billing over. 

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Regards, Steven Cavan Telegram: @stevencavan


Steven Cavan